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Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking

Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking

by Apps Factory 972 Media ltd.


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  • Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking
  • Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking
  • Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking
  • Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking
  • Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking
  • Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking
Sail your icebreaker boat and clear a path to rescue stranded boat, submarines and airplanes. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamil.icebreakerparking ✔ 32 Ice Cold Levels to conquer with your ice breaker boat, Find a path in the ice to complete the rescue missions ✔✔ Play with friends - NEW! multiplayer mode where you race your icebreaker against your friends. ✔✔✔ Amazing 3D graphics - Real life mega ice breaker boat used by the navy and both pole rescue teams There are 3 gigantic icebreaking ships you get to sail in Icebreaker Boat Rescue Parking ☸ Thor Viking -Just like The real vikings explored the world this boat does it too. it can go anywhere! Massive engine and a thrust for ice to clear. Thor Viking is one of the toughest ice breaker on water ☸ Kaptain Khle - The biggest ice breaking boat out there. twice the power and size of thor viking and twice the length. No task is too big for her ☸ Alkesey Chirikov - A modern ice breaker equipped for various rescue missions. If you want range and speed in your rescue mission this icebreaker will get it done! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamil.icebreakerparking

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