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Hypefolio - Interactive Mobile Storytelling

Hypefolio - Interactive Mobile Storytelling

by Mobilispot, LLC


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  • Hypefolio - Interactive Mobile Storytelling
  • Hypefolio - Interactive Mobile Storytelling
  • Hypefolio - Interactive Mobile Storytelling
  • Hypefolio - Interactive Mobile Storytelling

Hypefolio makes it fun and easy for everyone to create mobile first interactive narrative content, and share it all over the web.

Hypefolio invented a new format of storytelling called “folios” that is mobile optimized. The multimedia, interactive narrative content can be easily created and shared as a link or QR code through social media channels, email and SMS. 

Hypefolio can be used to create any type of content, including product demo, company intro, event invitation, reports, infographics, presentation, promotion, wedding invitation, resume, holiday card and so forth. Hypefolio can also be very multi-functional and effective. You can add survey or registration forms to collect and manage data; and monitor real-time marketing performance from multiple channels. 

Hypefolio iOS app works as a supplement to its web editor. Visit hypefolio.com to build complex design and use this app to make quick changes and monitor real-time stats. 

Product Features:
• Create beautiful multimedia interactive folios with text, photos, video, music and animations on your app 
• Create from scratch or start with a template
• Add a survey form or registration from if needed to collect viewers’ information
• Publish your stories and easily share through your social network
• Send your stories via email or SMS
• QR code can be generated for print media or other occasions
• QR code scanner to preview folios
• Monitor numbers of views and new entries on the go 
• Manage and compare marketing performance from difference channels
• Manage your collected data
• Make real-time changes on your phone anytime, anywhere
• Discover other stories on Hypefolio and get inspired

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