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Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 2016

Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 2016

by mas3dstudio


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  • Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 2016
  • Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 2016
  • Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 2016
  • Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 2016
After the great success of Hungry Blue Shark Revenge Play the new Hungry Shark Simulator 2016 to get revenge and get to experience the sea life at its finest.For the first time,you get to be on the evil side, become a vicious blood thirsty SHARK. With all its terror, Take control of an Angry White Shark in this action packed adventure.Become a Brutal Shark and hunt to Survive. Eat everything in your way and keep the killing going as an angry shark 3d. HUNT AROUND THE WORLD This mighty beast is out to eat bulk of fish and lots of human.Dive down to the depths of the ocean and fight with other Sharks and Killer Whale, eat some dolphin and lonely scuba divers to clench your hunger. Jump to the surface and attack the people enjoying on the beach, riding jet ski, rowing boats and swimming in warm waters.Beware of the shooters and they shoot on sight. BIG SEA ANIMALS The shark is on a rampage! It will attack and destroy whatever gets in way. Play as a furious shark and show no mercy. Chase your pray, attack and grab it in the might Jaws to kill instantly.Animated Aquatic animals including Shark, Orca ,Blue Whale, Dolphin, octopus, Jellyfish , hamburg whale and more. PLAY LIKE A PRO Smooth and easy controls allow you to control your beast effortlessly and kill easily. Keep killing and never stop eating.spread chaos on a beach full of innocent people.Exciting killing missions GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU Take down predators before you become the prey.You asked for underwater missions, and here we bring the latest Shark game sequel of 2015!Shark hunters are infuriating, and must get destroyed! Take revenge for your species in a rampage. BUILD YOUR FAMILY Fight with other shark to save your mate and feed her to complete missions.Most importantly, this is all takes place underwater, but the serene aquatic environment is deceiving when it comes to wreaking havoc. Attack humans by diving out! AWESOME 3D SEA AND BEACH ENVIRONMENT Magical underwater environment and effects.Awesome Visuals and sound Effects 4 DIFFERENT HUNGRY SHARKS Animated ferocious Great White and blue Sharks with great Real water physics, cool shark movements and animations Play the Best of its type 3D Shark Sim and become a ferocious hungry SHARK to kill ruthlessly and endlessly.Complete all exciting missions and earn points!Clear levels by completing the objectives. Your mission might be to find the hidden treasures, destroy the ship, or to kill the fishermen!May be Angry shark is a hungry Shark too!!Play the most action packed game Angry Shark simulator 3D. Intruders in the sea trying to attack Shark home. Attack and defeat them by playing as an Angry Shark.

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