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How Do I Look

How Do I Look

by Chibi Apps


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How Do I Look
How Do I Look
How Do I Look
How Do I Look
You should know How Old application, which will result your years old from your photo. So you have to use "How Do I Look", the app will "predict" human characteristics from a face in a photo. You will know the real (hidden) gender, cuteness, handsome or even dangerous, aggressive of a person from his photo. The app is easy to use. Only need to pick a photo from phone's library or capture directly from camera, then let the app detect faces and catches their characteristics. You can choose each face to present one from over ten pre-define characteristics. Photo can be save and send to social network. Please be notice that the result is relatively only. Therefore, if you receive a unwanted figure, don't be bored. Just pick another photo and try again (until it return your expected result). Don't forget to share the result and tag your friend in. It's funny for sure.