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House of Horrors Escape

House of Horrors Escape

by Starodymov


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  • House of Horrors Escape
  • House of Horrors Escape
  • House of Horrors Escape

Do you want to get into a terrible adventure with puzzle elements and black humor? Then this cult game from Dmitry Starodymova you will definitely be to your liking.
You have to play the protagonist in the first person, who collected the mushrooms and lost in the woods. At night, wandering in the forest, the main character came to the gloomy house. Quickly, it was decided to wait out the night in this terrible house.
In the house you will find a variety of different puzzles, scary moments and different characters.
Many went into the house, but the unit fails to get out of it. Will you be able to leave this damned old house? Everything depends on you.
House populate as good characters and terrifying creatures and monsters are aggressive. Among them you will find zombies, the walking dead. Scary sounds will scare you at every corner. The ghosts will haunt and bring before your eyes.
Passing many rooms, you realize that few people can survive in this mystical house. If you are lucky, you will meet new characters, and even will take with them the game.
You are waiting for battle with a variety of monsters. Interesting conversations and emotions.
The game will appeal not only to those who love horror, but also those who love to laugh heartily.
The game has a terrible chilling sounds and music.
The plot of the game is worth your attention.
If the game will be in demand, it will release a sequel of this great game.
The game is free.

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