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House Inspector

House Inspector

by Wide Angle Software


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Wish you had a helping hand when viewing your dream new home? Take House Inspector along with you to the viewing. The app gives you an interactive list of the things to look out for when viewing a property. It also gives you a set of useful tools to record your visit and compare the properties you visited.

Is the water pressure sufficient? Are there watermark stains on the ceiling? Is there vegetation growing in the guttering? Simply mark the answers to these simple yes or no questions as you walk around the property and House Inspector saves your answers for future reference.

Based on your answers - House Inspector will give the property an overall rating.

You can also take pictures of the property and file them the properties folder - adding notes to the pictures as you need to.

Finally, House Inspector includes a handy Compass feature so you can record which direction key areas of the property are facing.

• Interactive checklist for the things you should be looking out for.
• Automatic property rating given based on your findings.
• Take and save photos of your visit – stored under the property entry.
• Make notes about your visit and apply notes to the photos you took.
• Quickly compare property scores.
• Apply your own personal star rating to each property.
• Handy compass tool lets you record which way key areas of the property are facing.

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