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Horse Racing Pro

Horse Racing Pro

by Cantt Games


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Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro
Horse Racing Pro

It’s time for Horse Racing Pro! Compete against the best riders in the world. Break into a gallop and face all kinds of obstacles to win! The immersive 3D environment really sets the stage. Choose your favorite stallion and race to the victory in the ultimate challenges against your competitors. Play for pride, but don’t let it “run” away from you and prevent you from winning within the allotted time. At the same time, balance your horse’s stamina with the need for speed! Jump over hurdles and dodge muddy patches to cross the finishing line first. Earn extra cash for every clean jump and use the cash to buy better horses. Upgrade your horse's abilities to win all the races and become the World Champion!
Buckle up for the cargo truck transporter job with Horse Racing Pro. As heavy vehicles driver; drive the zoo truck to horses destination. First of all you need to load farm animal from city zoo and then transporting them to farmhouse stable. Be vigilant because transporting untamed horses is a tough job. Animals transport is no less than extreme Horse Racing Pro adventure. Steer your Horse carefully. Move this heavy Horse Racing Pro to its target with precision and accuracy. Horse Racing Pro is waiting for his Arabian horse to saddle and become the wild champion of 2016. The most addictive endless Horse Racing Pro game is here. Take control of the wild horses attached to a Rider and dodge the obstacles.
Get ready for a wild ride. Transporting these animals to pets shelter, safely is going to be so much fun. This heavy racing involves animal control. Play the most exciting RUN game on Google Play. Make your horse run throughout the day in amazing environmental game play! Take control of your Favourite HORSE who chooses to remain one of the fast running animals! Horse Racing Pro combines natural run simulator and fast paced action with many exciting environments and different locations, making up a fantastic and one of the best games in arcade category of Google Play!
Are you ready to take up the challenge for fast Horse Racing Pro? Do you think your horse can flow free like a wind? If answer is yes, then be ready to face difficult challenges ahead and enjoy the 3D graphics and environment. Good Luck! Here’s the catch: There are number of hurdles placed on your way to break your speed. Jump over obstacles and dodge muddy patches to cross the finish line first. Earn extra cash for every clean jump and use the cash to buy faster and stronger horses. Upgrade your their abilities to win all the races and become the World Champion!
Play the Horse Racing Pro with your family and enjoy the complete flying action.
You will definitely find Horse Racing Pro addictive. This can be enjoyed by boys, girls and adults equally. Good Luck and become the next Horse Racing Pro Champion. Try out other games by the KanttGames.
As the game progression allows you to move ahead as the jockey you need to purchase new and better horses. You can’t win through all racing tracks with a single horse. Visit the stable, get new horses and get on the tracks. Dodge your opponents, jump over obstacles, and gallop your way to victory. Horse Racing Pro is a 3d game with multiple stallions and several race tracks. The faster you finish the race, higher the points you win. Enter different horse racing events and enjoy the 3d immersive environment with realistic sound effects and opponent intelligence.
Horse Racing Pro Feature:
-- Tilt & Swipe to dodge the obstacles
-- Jump to avoid being HIT and collect coins
-- Collect BOOSTERS to run faster 
-- Make it RUN as fast as possible! 
-- Easy and Smooth CONTROLS 
-- Pass through the challenges successfully to make higher score 
-- Beat your friends high score and challenge them.
-- Play this exciting game and share with your friends for more fun.