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Honey Bear Run

Honey Bear Run

by Daniel Erdmann


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  • Honey Bear Run
  • Honey Bear Run
  • Honey Bear Run
Get the new jump and run game! The special abilities of the bear will let you dive deep into another world full of joy and pleasure. Just take the time to walk around and collect the honey. This game is for all kind of people and we got amazing feedback from all over the world. Our brave bear struggles through grasslands, forests, mountains and winter landscapes to satisfy his hunger for honey. On his hard journey he fights against bees and birds. He has to be aware of nasty traps that can put a fast end to his adventure. Fight through 5 worlds and 60 levels to get the gorgeous honey. It all starts in the first world. You have go through grasslands and collect as many honey you can. Try to avoid the birds and the bees. They will try to stop you whenever they can. Mind the gaps and you will finally make it to the hives. After your hard trip, you have to climb up the mountains, go through winter storms and rush through the forest. Our Bear has the special capability to grab the trees and jump off the stump to reach higher levels. This game is perfect for boring weekends, endless car rides or any other situation in which you want to have fun. It's a pleasure to help the bear to reach his goals. He try to arise from the normal bear to an outstanding honey bear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTROLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Tap to Jump • Swipe to jump in a specific direction • Tap to jump off the wall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • 60 wonderful and unique Levels • Play in 5 different Worlds • One of the best games 2015 • Addictive jump and run game • No violence included • Complete indie development ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Player Reviews ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "It has a unique way to control your character throw wonderful and peaceful worlds. I could not stop playing this game until I got 3 Stars in every world and every level" - Michael Freelight "Best jump and run game." - Ben Hofer "Addictive and amazing action game. It's on my personal Top 10 games in 2015. The clean controls and the variety of the worlds let the game be a pure pleasure" - Jack Limbert "I would rate this 10 out of 10. Dementedly a must have if it comes to boring situations in my life. It's just another masterpiece." - Marry J. Connor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SOCIAL MEDIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blogspot: http://danielerdmannentertainment.blogspot.de/p/honey-bear-run.html Thanks you all for playing Honey Bear Jump 'n Run!

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