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Homeless Crush Zombies

Homeless Crush Zombies

by Timur S


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Homeless Crush Zombies
Homeless Crush Zombies
Homeless Crush Zombies
Homeless Crush Zombies


No friends, no family, no job...Only arms, legs, head and a bottle of alcohol. Sad story. Yes, our hero is a homeless guy just released from the prison. It's seems like there is no way out but life often made tricks!

Today is the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE day is finally came! All of them navy seals and "superheroes" are hiding under their mom's skirts. Human and animal population sweepingly turning into a zombies. There is only one man who have no fear, no mercy and got really nothing to lose and his nickname is simple: "HOMELESS". Now he got chance to become national hero and to wash himself in the warm bathroom with bottle of Cristal, to buy big house and find young beautiful woman with boobs and butt. Don't let him down!

What's in Homeless Crush Zombies:

♦ Tons of zombies!
♦ Funny animation and good cartoon graphics
♦ Beautiful decorations
♦ Nice music and sounds
♦ Gather coins and beer
♦ MAC-10 weapons can be used!
♦ Upgrade your homeless dude!