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Highway Driver 3D

Highway Driver 3D

by Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt. Ltd


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Highway Driver 3D

Go on a Crazy ride in an Auto!!

Highway Driver 3D is a simple fun driving game mainly for kids.

This game can be played as a simple driving game or as an active fun game. The main objective of the game is to provide the player with a challenging and enjoyable experience. This game has a simple rule – Don't crash!!. Get all collectables while avoiding obstacles to achieve maximum score. If you have ever enjoyed playing driving game we are sure you guys will adore this imaginative funny game as well.

The Game has a storyline. The player begins game as an Auto Driver. Collision with any vechicles would cause the driver to be chased by the Police. And to escape from police, player need to collect the stars which appears.

Collecting coins while riding an auto will increase the score thereby showing level up and the auto driver will be promoted to a taxi driver. As a Taxi driver the player should collect votes, avoid hitting with other vehicles. In this way the player will be promoted as a Politician.

As a Politician, both coins and votes will be available but the player need to collect only votes. If the politician hits on any vehicle the player will be demoted to ambulance driver. As an ambulance driver the player has to collect enough fuel maintaining the level of fuel meter. When the distance meter reaches maximum point player will again be promoted as Politician. Again the player need to win this level as Politician by collecting enough votes.

As the level proceeds the game become more lively and interesting. The game play is quite simple and we are sure not only kids everyone will love playing it. Get ready for fun !!

Unique Features:

  • Crazy drive in four different vehicles.

  • Simple and smooth game controls

  • Unique and easy flow of level.

  • Enjoy riding in Rain and Night

  • Player can update profile with good driving skills and points earned.


Keywords : Fun game, Kids game, Highway Driver, Driving game, Auto driver, Taxi driver, Politician, Ambulance driver

Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.csharks.highwaydriver3d

Promotional-Images : http://csharks.com/downloads/PR/images/HighwayDriver3D_Promo_Images.zip

Video Link : https://youtu.be/t-SRcMnERtw



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