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Heroes of Mind & Martial TD

Heroes of Mind & Martial TD

by TD games


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  • Heroes of Mind & Martial TD
  • Heroes of Mind & Martial TD
  • Heroes of Mind & Martial TD
Old School Classic Tower defence (TD) in the style of the great, cult game HOMM3 also known as heroes 3. Last handful of people and forest creatures trying to survive under onslaught of hordes of evil. The strongest warriors, powerful magicians, the great generals under your command, will lead the defense and try to defend the last bastion of life on earth. You have to participate in this confrontation classic enemies. At your disposal will be available 8 unique characters for each of the protected factions. Each character opens up many possibilities. Their abilities will help you out on the battlefield. Under the direction of the warriors, your troops will swiftly throw into battle, and magicians will throw the fireballs on the heads of enemies. All the characters are at the beginning of his way, and their skills are only in their infancy. But as leveling and receiving new levels of power and knowledge will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. And once clumsy and timid generals are already to defend their homes army allies and incinerate the undead hordes only her eyes. At the beginning it will be available to only one type of creature to the defense, and the number of enemies will be minimal. But with each passing level will open new creatures. And the passage of all levels of the campaign, opens survival mode where you try to survive as long as possible in the favorite levels using all available creatures. In general, will not be bored. Features: - 2-faction as protection - 8 unique heroes for each faction - 7 upgradable towers for each faction - 11 powerful spells - deathmatch, after the passage of campaign Join us on VK: https://vk.com/homm3_tdmm Follow us on instagram: https://instagram.com/therobinblood/

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