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Hella - Chat And Friendship

Hella - Chat And Friendship

by Hyper - Best Free Android Apps


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Hella - Chat And Friendship
Hella - Chat And Friendship
Hella - Chat And Friendship
Hella - Chat And Friendship
Hella - Chat And Friendship

Hella is a dating application through which you can meet new people. 100% free download and use. If you are looking for a flirting application where you can establish fun relationships you are at the right place. You will be able to be matched with people who you can chat free of charge and will find love and affection. Here you will have sincere friendships. Who is here? To find out, you just need to swipe rightward. You will meet new people only with the touch a finger. Sign up to Hella for an adventure full of love and let your new romance begin.

Its use is quite simple. If you are looking for a new love or want to chat, then swipe the person you encounter rightward. And swipe leftward for people you don’t like and don’t want to be matched with. Is the person you encounter a handsome guy or a beautiful girl? The decision is up to you. If you want to be lovers and make a contact, then all you have to do is to swipe rightward the person you like and message them free of charge. You don’t need to look for a dating site or dating application anymore. Having long conversations and flirting new people is so simple with Hella. Beginnings of dates have never been so fun.

Edit your profile and quickly become popular among other users. In this dating application, the duty of acting as the love finder is on you. If you think that you have found your love, swipe rightward or just upward and experience the joy of free messaging all you want. You can be friends or lovers with these people. Chat to your heart’s content and freely talk anything you want. Privacy and reliability is a very important aspect for Hella. You can keep all your conversation confidential in this dating application (All the operations you make with Hella remain confidential). You can have random chats with people you encounter or you can be picky and have one-on-one chats only with people you like, this is all up to you. There is no limit in chat rooms. Meet new girls and boys and message now free of charge. Chat with people you attain a match and arrange a local date.

* Act more freely in our dating application by becoming a premium user!
* As you are being matched with new people, if you pass by someone you like by mistake, turning back is possible now! Purchase a premium package and turn back to people you will possibly be lovers.
* Show a location different from your current location by means of traveler visa and search for brand new loves in different regions.
* Hide your age and your distance.
* Own an Extra Super Match
* Each month a bonus Pop!
* Unlimited matching.
* Hide your profile and continue chatting with your friends.

What is Pop? How does it work?
When you do Popping, you come up at the screen of people first. Therefore, you may Pop your profile to ensure to get more matches.

What is a Super Match? How does it work?
If you send a Super Match to someone you like and want to be matched with, it means you have sent a direct message to that person. Thus, you can be friends with the person you like without being matched.

Chat with people you match. Mutually like and get matched. Direct messaging feature. Swipe rightward and like them. Meet new people.