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Helius' - Addicted Minigames

Helius' - Addicted Minigames

by salina masons


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Helius' - Addicted Minigames
Helius' - Addicted Minigames
Helius' - Addicted Minigames
Helius' - Addicted Minigames

Enjoy minigames and get exciting logical & puzzles concept.


Helius’ is a world of simple exciting puzzles and games. It is impossible to predict problem sequence: the Helius’ Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI combined with a chance will choose your next task for each moment in time. It’s all based on a mental analytical concept i.e. use of IQ. It’s a little bit challenging also.


Everything is designed simply and logically for thinking and playing. Just try clicking on the new elements popping up on the screen - and discover new possibilities. Every time a game is launched, its terms and appearance are generated as a “clean slate” with a given level of complexity. Daylight turns to dusk in the evening and to dawn in the early hours. The result of every mission and various events forming background too. The games are like brain exercise for you because it involves reasoning. All are logical minigames to pass your free time. Every game is involving a reason to play.