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Helicopter Landing Simulator

Helicopter Landing Simulator

by MegaByte Studios


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  • Helicopter Landing Simulator
  • Helicopter Landing Simulator
  • Helicopter Landing Simulator
  • Helicopter Landing Simulator
  • Helicopter Landing Simulator
Helicopter landing simulator is a realistic adventurous helicopter simulation landing game, which allows you to simulate your helicopters to new horizons, download the realistic helicopter landing simulator game on your smartphones and tablets and enjoy the sim gaming. Helicopter Landing Simulator knocks the opportunity for professional helicopter pilots and to fulfill your fantasy to suit yourself as a professional and battle field helicopter simulator pilot in the extreme game of Helicopter Landing Simulator, take all the controls and tactics in landing simulation circumstances in some high class commercial and battle field helicopters and manoeuvre your way to the extreme levels of this magnificent game of helicopter landing simulator. This addictive game of helicopter landing simulator 3d is an action packed landing helicopter gunship battle simulator game that attributes great 3D graphics with sophisticated flight control simulation while engaging different scenarios to indulge yourself into an immersive helicopter landing simulator experience. Being a commercial pilot you are bored of flying the passenger helicopters, airplanes and airbuses, your career is full of flying hours in machines like, Hercules, gunship cobra helicopter, MH-23, bell and Eurocopter flying machines while simulating over the high battle fields and taking injured army men to the army hospital base camps in extreme chaos actions and dogfight simulation. Now is the time to show your experience in flying advanced choppers and controls like side strafing, speeding, altitude adjustments, waypoints and enjoy helicopter simulation while flying near the high rise sky scrapers, military bases with anti air craft guns, clearing the waypoints at various locations and landing your helicopter in different locations, avoiding hurdles and obstacles and try not to hit, damage or destroy any buildings and ensure that while simulating and parking helicopter safely over the helipads safely while simulating the waypoints in helicopter landing simulator and gain the experience as an expert and professional helicopter pilot. The scene is all set in helicopter landing simulator and the hot seat is ready, fly these beautiful military based helicopters and start engaging into breath taking mission hovering above the enemy military bases, high mountains, avoiding collisions with objects, you are flying the most advanced helicopters all mounted with fully loaded machine guns and rockets for surviving against a vast range of enemy units. Simulate your helicopters and choppers in real time. Helicopter Landing Simulator 3D is an exceptional game and just not a sim game like you may have played earlier like navy or army helicopter simulators, choppers, gunship lethal helicopters or anti stealth fighter or commercial jet plane using drone technology or features with combat skilling and action or parking helicopters on extra ordinary locations and buildings or on military or cavalry bases with gunships. Helicopter landing simulator 3D is will be a great choice

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