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Hand Spinner Evolution Toy

Hand Spinner Evolution Toy

by Princess Star


Our Rating

Hand Spinner Evolution Toy


- Play with the fun tapp to play system. Everything becomes complicated when the toy is set in motion and you have to play quickly following the rhythm of the hand.
- Various scenarios where you can customize high go.
- Customize your own hand spinner by changing your bearings, the casing, the support and twist button, your heart and ladybug colors and shapes.
- You will have a store to be able to buy all those that you lack for the collection and a workshop to hang your own photos and share them with your friends, just as you can fine tune your spinning toy by hand.
- Do your best trick and evolution tricks
- The rest you must find out.

To become the driving monster you must try this game. Can you show how many coins you get more than your friends?
Great content with very elaborate graphics and 3D shapes.
To start we make you a gift cards. Choose it wisely and the one you like most.
Amazing and beautiful music with high content. Composed to piano with affection for all the followers. Inspect all items with your finger or mouse.
If you like, do not forget to comment on your experience so that you can improve day by day. Share it with the family and your patrol, it will be helpful to know your opinions.