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Guess the Word – Lingo

Guess the Word – Lingo

by MadRabbit


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  • Guess the Word – Lingo
  • Guess the Word – Lingo
  • Guess the Word – Lingo
  • Guess the Word – Lingo
  • Guess the Word – Lingo
Try to guess the five letter word. Guess the Word is the ultimate crossover game between Scrabble and Bingo. If you like the popular GSN television game LINGO then you need to try Guess the Word! ★TOP WORD GAME in the Netherlands★ Guess the words is a free, fun and relaxing puzzle game. What's the word we're looking for? Find as many words as possible, try to set the highest highscore and collect all the 4 Medals. ★ HOW TO PLAY: The objective of the game is to guess as many five-letter words as you can. Each time you have five guesses to find the word we are looking for. At each try colors will light up indication if the word is correct or which letters of the word are correct. There are 3 colors. Use the colors as clues for finding the word: - Green: If a letter lights up the color green it means that this letter is correct. - Orange: Will means that the letter is correct, but it is currently in the wrong position. - Red: A word will light up red if the guessed word is not a English word. ★ WORDS: All the words we are looking for are commonly used English word. Like the Scrabble game and most other word games, people, country, city names and special characters are not allowed. The game also uses dictionary lists to check if a words is a correct English word or not. Please email us if you come across a word which should be correct, but is now marked as not. ★ SWITCH LANGUAGE The game is available in English or Dutch. By default it's set as English, but if you put your phone language in Dutch, the game will automatically switch. Copyright © by MadRabbit Studio 2015

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