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Guess the Horror FREE!

Guess the Horror FREE!

by Outcry Studios


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  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!
  • Guess the Horror FREE!

Guess the Horror FREE! Is a guessing game in which you either get to guess the horror movie, or guess the horror movie character.  

Each picture is shadowed so it is harder to guess what movie or character is from.  

Right now there are 168 levels with more to come!  If you absolutely can’t guess the scary movie, or guess the scary movie character then you have coins you can use.  The coins can be used to purchase hints, take letters away, or even solve the puzzle.  You can earn coins by solving each shadow picture in the quiz.  You can obtain coins for free every 48 hours or if you choose you can purchase them in app. So get guessing the horror movie or guessing the horror character in this ultimate fun guess the shadow game!

Download for FREE today! 

20 More levels added! 10/6/15

20 More levels added! 10/12/15

20 More levels added! 10/19/15 

20 More levels added! 10/27/15

20 More levels added! 12/21/15  

20 More levels added! 2/1/16  more coming soon!!!

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