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Guess – The 6th Sense Game

Guess – The 6th Sense Game

by Mohatir Bin


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Guess – The 6th Sense Game
Guess – The 6th Sense Game
Guess – The 6th Sense Game
Guess – The 6th Sense Game
Train your brain to know things before it happens. sharp your brain,Intuition and precognition with this free fun ESP game. This game is fun but Making a high score is Harder than you think Intuition aka 6th sense is an essential life skill that helps a lot in decision making,Business,Relationship and future planning. Everyone has 6th sense but most of us are not aware of this or never tried using 6th sense, This fun AI Puzzle Game --Artificial Intelligence app, will help you to measure your sixth sense and sharp it within 15 days, This App is Artificial Intelligent and also your Intuitive Teacher or call it personal agent, This Intelligent app has learned some humors also, so you will enjoy playing game with fun. The Psychological Benefit of Playing this game: * Decision Making * Solving Complex problems * Knowing before things happens * Precognition * Increased Ability to Guess things * Sharp Intuition * Develops 6th sense to Enhance your Personality * High Self awareness * Helps in Business Planning and Risk taking When to play: It can be played anytime anywhere, but for a better and fast result Play it daily at least half an hour or more than that --when in a relaxed mood,before sleep or after wakefulness How to Play this Game: This Intelligent app will select any number between 1 to 4 to display you on screen, your task is to use your sixth sense and guess what will be that number before it is presented, Click on any number to see if your 6th sense is right, The more you play the sharper your 6th sense aka Intuition will become There is much more in this universe than what we see in our everyday life, intuition aka 6th sense helps us in connecting with Infinite Intelligence that is present in beauty of this universe. Test your Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Powers now.