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GridBrix HD

GridBrix HD

by EBS


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  • GridBrix HD
  • GridBrix HD
  • GridBrix HD
Very simple addictive puzzle game, Just pickup and play, can be enjoyed from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. All you have to do is place the blocks in the grid, and create lines or blocks of colour depending on the gamemode. As the game progresses different shaped blocks will appear, and the faster it becomes. There are also the added boosters which can help you out. The more lines you get the bigger the booster bonus, from swapping the shapes out to a bomb which clears a big area within the grid. GAMEMODES: Standard: which means just try and create as many lines as possible. Timed: You have a timelimit on a shape to insert into the grid Collapse: You insert the shape into the grid and if there are spaces then it falls, the difference here with this gamemode is that you have to create blocks of colour rather than lines. Also there are passes that you can use to get rid of shapes that do not fit, you can also earn passes back during the game by beating the average lines which are show on the top row of the game display. You can also change the gridsize to make games quicker or longer depending on how much time you want to play for. World leaderboards for each grid size.

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