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GridBrix Challenge

GridBrix Challenge

by EBS


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  • GridBrix Challenge
  • GridBrix Challenge
  • GridBrix Challenge
This is a very addictive puzzle game, Just pickup and play, it can be enjoyed from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and from ages 4 - 104 You have to work you way up the map completing the levels as you go. To progress into the next coloured area you will have to get the required coloured lines. You complete the levels by placing the coloured shapes into the grid, but look out for the timed levels and the different shaped levels. As the game progresses through the levels you will get more shapes and colours. There are also boosters that can be used during the levels to get you out of a sticky situation. Also look out for the booster icons that appear within the level, you can collect these by creating a line with them on. Boosters: - New set of shapes - Remove a horizontal and vertical line - Bomb remove an area within the grid If the shapes do not fit in the grid, you can use your passes, this will give you a new set of shapes. You can now connect to Facebook and invite your friends to play, they will appear on the map and you can see what level they are on. There is also a world leaderboard, so you can see how good you are against all the other players!

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