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Gratis – Freebie Bird

Gratis – Freebie Bird

by Karthaa


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  • Gratis – Freebie Bird
Gratis - Take your Free Recharge for Granted! Get free recharge for playing game & answering question! There is an easy way to get Free Recharge, Say good bye to complete survey or download and install an app, etc., We present you with Leap Off. Meet GRATIS, The Freebie Bird to provide a free mobile recharge just for answering the general knowledge questions. Defy the people who states playing games are waste of time. Yes this is the app which can afford entertainment, knowledge and money at a single instance. Why you spend your valuable money for recharging when you get it for free and that too for playing games. Yes it's true. You can earn in 4 simple steps 1. Select the recharge amount you wish to win and begin the play 2. Accumulate the money in your wallet by achieving the target 3. Choose amount to claim, Answer the questions correctly 4. Enter the mobile number details and get recharged instantly. Keep playing, Keep learning, Keep earning. Lets make your smartphones do the earning for themselves. Please support us by rating this app. In case of recharge issue/game issue please write us an email to info@karthaa.com **Currently free recharges are applicable only in India.

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