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Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef

Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef

by Kids Fun Plus


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  • Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef
  • Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef
  • Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef
  • Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef
  • Granny’s Pickle Factory – Chef
After the success of Macaron cookies maker, Potato Chips factory & Granny’s Candy Factory Kids Fun Plus proudly present Granny’s Pickle Factory, another addition to crazy kitchen cooking genre of Factory games. Kids love to eat pickle and eat pickles of different flavors along with their dinner and lunch. But did you ever wonder how different flavored pickles are made in factory from fruits and vegetables. Kids Fun Plus will make you learn and show you how to make pickles of different tastes and flavors in this granny game. Work as a Granny factory worker and make delicious mouth-watering pickles and learn the whole process of pickle making with Granny. This is a great educational game that will help you learning how the factory machinery and equipment works and how commercial pickles are made in the factory using raw vegetables and fruits. Selection Select the type of fruit or vegetable to make pickle among mangoes, carrots and lemon. Vegetable & Fruit Farming Go to the farms with granny and collect the fruits and take it to factory. Quality control Unit Go to the quality control unit and filter out the rotten fruits. Washing Unit Take the fruits to the washing unit and clean them thoroughly. Slicing Unit Take the fruit to the slicing unit and cut it into appropriate shape. Mixing Chamber Mix the spices and other ingredients to the fruit and vegetable and cook it to perfection. Packing Now the pickle is ready its time to pack it into beautiful jar packs. Delivery Now the Pickle packs are ready it’s time to deliver it to the sweet shop, supermarkets, shopping stores, bakery restaurants and others places. Download this cooking mania educational maker kids game for free and become a professional factory worker.

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