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Ghost Eradication

Ghost Eradication

by Dezits


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  • Ghost Eradication
  • Ghost Eradication
  • Ghost Eradication
  • Ghost Eradication
Ghost Eradication is a little bit strange breakout. This game's purpose is eradication of ghosts. Like breakout you can exterminate ghosts by hitting ball reflected from the bar. ** The Method of operation ** When you touch screen a ball is fired. You can reflect the ball to intended directions by moving the bar as same as breakout. ** The Rule ** If you eradicate all ghosts, game is cleared. otherwise game is over. It becomes game over in the following cases. - The case that Bar's life is 0 by enemy's attack. - The case that the rest count of ball is 0. You can retake the count of ball or the bar's life by catching item which come out from item box. However, if the item is a fake, please be careful not to take them! ** Knack of this game ** This score will be doubled each time you defeat the ghost In a continuous. Earn points will continue to increase, for example, as 100 points → 200 points → 400 points → 800 points. However, the score will be reset to 100 points when the ball hit the bar. Grasp the knack and aim for a high score! ** Experience points ** You can get experience points(EXP) every time you are cleared stage. If EXP is over required points, new stage is unlocked. Get high score with avoiding ghosts's attack, and aim the top ranking on the world!!

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