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Genius : 4 pictures 1 word

Genius : 4 pictures 1 word

by med bekk


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  • Genius : 4 pictures 1 word
  • Genius : 4 pictures 1 word
  • Genius : 4 pictures 1 word
  • Genius : 4 pictures 1 word
Genius : 4 pictures 1 word The best free game you can find in the store, where you will have fun and in the same time exercising your brain 4 Pictures having in common 1 word, that you must found. the easiest way to have fun!! Over a 100 puzzele to answer, more than 400 pictures are used to create this quiz Win; is simple look at the 4 pictures , use you brain power, and guess the right common word!! A simple game ? a lot of fun ? and you love puzzules ?? so you will love to play in our new quiz! The goal is to finish all levels, the rules are easy, at each correct answer, you get more coins in your bank, this earned money will help you to reveale or remove a letter, which will make you closer to find the answer word!! Ex: when you see a picture of a happy couple in love , and a picture of a red heart, the key word is LOVE !!! Unlocking all levels, is your goal, you have 4 pictures to help you in each level. play smart and answer by spelling the right Word!! The graphics are professionel, so you enjoy the best HD quality photos!! Game Features: Funny and educational Game easy to play, and with clear photos it becomes more easier unlimited fun , with our coming Updates

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