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Galactic Echoes

Galactic Echoes

by Ikoniac


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Galactic Echoes
Galactic Echoes
Galactic Echoes
Galactic Echoes
Galactic Echoes
Galactic Echoes

Do you love epic game stories and great challenges?  We do too, and that's why we created Galactic Echoes, a challenging puzzle game with a deep story that unfolds with every puzzle solved. Solve the levels with 3 stars to enjoy the full story! Note: Galactic Echoes is currently available in Google Play in South Africa, Netherlands and Finland. 


More about Galactic Echoes:

The Puzzles

Unique and fun puzzle mechanics to challenge your brain. No time limit, just solve the puzzles and get pulled into the intriguing story of the history of the galaxy. In this game every move counts - unlock every level with 3 stars to enjoy the full experience. For added challenge, solve the red challenge planets as well.

The Story

The year is 2180. You, as the player, are the leading cryptoanalyst in the world. You are being sent on a mission to Titan with no clue onto what purpose. You meet your team and they show you a mystical object that you must decrypt. During your voyage through space, you write a diary of what you and your team encounter. Your findings will shape the future of humanity.

How do you cope with a past you don't want to remember? The story takes you deep into thinking about how history is written. You hear echoes of the galactic history around you, but which of them is conveying the real truth? The mystery of the past events in our galaxy is explained by anthropological, physical and biological findings on various exoplanets and moons. History becomes a legend, legend becomes a myth. But what happens when myths come back to life?

The story is published in episodes and Episode 1 is free to play. Episode 2 is available as an in-app purchase and Episodes 3 and 4 will be available during 2016.


  • More than 30 free mind-bending puzzles that provide real challenge + 40 more in every new episode. 
  • Each and every puzzle is handmade with one or more solutions to challenge your brain.
  • Unlock the encryption in the portal devices to open a wormhole forward.
  • Rotate, avoid, use and play with many different types of tiles to get your charge to the goal. 
  • The better you play, the more stars you will get. These will allow you to read more of your galactic diary.

Read more and follow the release updates at http://www.galacticechoes.com/#spacegame