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G Balls

G Balls

by Merry Dream Games


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G Balls is a retro puzzle game with simple mechanics that requires you to control two balls which always move in inverted directions. You must join the balls to beat each level maze. Each level makes use of symmetry to make enjoyable puzzles. Enjoy the hundreds of symmetric levels with enemies that have unique AI and with obstacles that will make you think hard trying to beat such mazes. G Balls comes with a level editor for you to create your own symmetric, G Balls mazes and levels. With the level editor you can make hundreds of symmetric levels in minutes. With simple gameplay and retro graphics G Balls is unique and fun! Are you smarter than the AI? Do you have the ability needed to complete each puzzle and maze? G Balls is the game for you! GAMEPLAY G Balls uses simple touch controls for moving the two retro, character balls. One white ball that moves in the direction you press and a black ball that moves in the opposite direction. This creates a symmetry maze. LEVEL EDITOR G Balls comes with an integrated Level Editor to create you own retro, puzzle levels, test them, and even save them for later. You will be able to use your creativity to design awsome levels! AI There are several types of bots with unique AI's. Some bots chase you, others following cirlcular patterns and others move sideways. Some bots even imitate you movements.

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