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Futuristic Flying Bus Sim 3D

Futuristic Flying Bus Sim 3D

by Lisa Jeff


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Futuristic Flying Bus Sim 3D

Here is Futuristic Flying Bus Simulator game with blend of thrilling action driving and shooting games ,experience both flying in the air and racing on the road ,as well as targeting the cars by the gun.Flying games are full of action with 3D Environment graphics in futuristic city where buses fly in the air and shooting criminals with their awesome shooting power.This flight simulator 3d game has 10 stages with the progress in Flying Car games and flying bus games ,each level the player will experience more difficulty on wards. The Futuristic Flying City Bus, Flight fly controls are well set and it will give the player a challenge to control the автобус. Beware of the obstacles and city building and always be ready to look out for the traffic cars as there motion is very unpredictable they are criminals in the city,you can shoot them because your the hero of the city as futuristic flying bus.

In each flying mission you need to drive the Bus as you have drive the flying cars in flying car games.It's time for flying bus games for some time and shoot the targets to complete a mission or a level.Be a target shooter and shoot some target's on the spot,you can change the shooting skills and select from which wing of futuristic flying bus you will shoot.So be a good Bus Driver and complete your mission's by completing the assigned tasks.These flying games are different from other flying futuristic car games as you can also shoot the traffic cars with your power.

A Bus simulator, Shooting Simulator of Flying Simulator 
Your flight and shooting abilities will be tested in this flying 3D simulation game and feel like driving a fighter jet so become a Flight Pilot for some time with flying buses and control your autobus. You can play with flying school bus ,flying city bus and futuristic green bus in this futuristic flying bus simulator 3d game.New year is about to come and here's new flying game free for 2017.

Futuristic Flying Bus Simulator 3D Game Features :

▶Latest addition to Flying games !
▶Realistic and dynamic vehicle physics
▶Easy Run flight controls
▶3 Incredible flying buses to choose
▶Smooth and realistic Bus handling
▶Traffic cars in city environment
▶Shooting , flying , racing 3 in 1 action game.
▶No WiFi? No Problem.
▶Offline Play

#1 FREE Futuristic Flying Bus Simulator Game with Freestyle Mountain touring, parking with extreme full nitro Bus.Fly around the world travel beautiful landscapes be a real bus driver.You will enjoy a great 3D graphics, which will allow you to enjoy the spectacular views of the city, its traffic and the surrounding nature.Easy and free to use ,Fly your bus around the world discover new landscapes, Drive your Futuristic Flying Bus 3d simulator, Be the best Bike rider!this game is for all fans of free car driving games, Simulation games and Airplane Flight games.If you are ready, you do not wait - play and share your emotions! Good luck!