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Furious City Car Racing

Furious City Car Racing

by afuffstudio


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  • Furious City Car Racing
  • Furious City Car Racing
  • Furious City Car Racing
  • Furious City Car Racing
  • Furious City Car Racing
Furious city car racing is ready for you to experience a new feeling city racing. You can turbo fast in various street in the city and compete with other racers. Feel the joy and satisfied you lust of crazy driving in the city highway street race. Furious city car race can be you final stop for city racing game This can be your city car stunt race as you are racing the opposite way of the road. So be careful while you step on your gas. Do not ram the driver opposite you, any collusion will damage your car and you are out of the race. While you are in city driving, do collect some coins to fuel you car as your thunder city car need lot of fuel to burn. There is a turbo button for you to press if you want to active you thunder city car to its fullest potential. But use it wisely as it can easily dried out your car fuel. Drive your car to all the town and street that you want, you do not need to bother about the traffic light. Traffic light is the traffic racer hang out place. So it’s a great place for you to find you competitor. Do not underestimate their driving skills. They have performed dangerous city car stunt and death racing for many years. Racing with their city bike are their specialty. So beware of these traffic racers. Furious city racing is not a city racing 3d stimulator. However, the game has good quality graphics and supreme audio for your enjoyment. You can drive furiously fast various street and highway in the city town. Choose a long road for you to test you turbo driving skill. Go crazy, go fast and go furious as you play this fast and furious race. Different Street or track requires you to change your city driving skills. So be sensitive with these changes and adapt you city driving skills according to situations. Furious City Car Racing Feature include; + Lots of long racing track for turbo fast race + Can perform car stuns. + Almost like a 3D city race + Full Automatic transmission + There is a Turbo Button for you to go crazy high speed Driving high speed in city is dangerous in a real world but play fast and furious car racing in this exciting racing game is worth and guaranteed to satisfy your need for speed race. In this long road race, not only you need for speed you must also need to win the race. The prize that you won can be use to buy new equipments to boost up your car performance. For beginner mode all damages are freely automatically tuned and repaired, however in advance and expert mode, repairing damages comes with some extra coins. As for now don’t worry about the car performance or tuning. It is all automatically tuned and repaired. So, press that turbo button and rock your city with your racing fever now. Break the speed limit and go city driving your car in fast and furious racing style. Be that Furious car driver you always wanted to be. Complete with friends and find out who collect the highest point and who break the fastest time to finish the race in this supreme Furious City Car Race. With the latest update, you can race with friend in multiplayer mode. This will surely give more excitement to you to race longer. Unleash the furious driver car driver in you; let that beast furiously roam the town street with high speed. So download this game now and have furious great racing time.

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