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Funny Electric Razor Pranks

Funny Electric Razor Pranks

by Latest Application And Games


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Funny Electric Razor Pranks
Funny Electric Razor Pranks
Funny Electric Razor Pranks
Funny Electric Razor Pranks
Funny Electric Razor Pranks
Funny Electric Razor Pranks

Have you been searching for something cool that will provide you with tons of fun? You are in luck now! Download the latest ☆Funny Electric Razor Pranks☆ app on your Android™ smartphone or tablet and check out how entertaining it can be. Get your device close to your friend’s hair and switch it on. They will be scared at the thought that you might shave their head. The best application will simulate the buzzing from a salon and it will make everybody think that you are holding a real hair clipper in your hands. This can be the perfect entertainment for some gathering and pulling a prank on your friends will make you the most popular among the crowd. Don’t hesitate to obtain the latest ☆Funny Electric Razor Pranksright this second and all of you will have a belly-laugh.          


Do you belong to those persons who like a good joke and like to make everybody laugh? With the newest ☆Funny Electric Razor Prankson your screen you will be able to cheer up your closest friends and family members when they are feeling blue. The smile will appear on their faces immediately. It is fantastic that you can adjust the look of your top hair clipper. You can swipe through so many various looks that are offered to you and choose the color that suits you best. You might want to use a blue or a green one that is all up to you.  


Turn up the volume of your device and you get the impression that a real hair clipper is on your phone. By activating the vibration your popular application will become even cooler and it will seem like you are having a hair trimmer. Startle your friends and make them think that you will make them bold. Make a funny joke and check out the reaction of your friends. If you like, there is a shake button that will turn your hair clipper into a real one. Approach your tablet near to your buddies and start the top app. There is no reason to lose time, you should make haste to the market and download the newest ☆Funny Electric Razor Prankscompletely free of charge!  


How to use the app:

○ Pick out interesting look for your hair clipper

○ Choose whether you want vibration or not

○ Click on the shake option and make hair trimmer realistic

○ Turn the volume up and use the buzzing to trick your friends

○ Have a blast with the razor which is like a real one