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Freight Train: Cargo Driver

Freight Train: Cargo Driver

by Supercloud Games Studio


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  • Freight Train: Cargo Driver
  • Freight Train: Cargo Driver
  • Freight Train: Cargo Driver
  • Freight Train: Cargo Driver
  • Freight Train: Cargo Driver
Enjoy the journey of cargo train across multiple locations of suburb city environment while upgrade your drive train simulator and time management skills through simple game controls. Give way to other approaching transport trains by reaching on station platform within given time. Goal of game is simple yet very challenging. Taking freight from one location to another, manage to be on time and look out for your cargo train simulator controls. Put your train driver and realistic distance mapping skills on lead to perform given tasks to this cargo transport train. Trip Advice (How to Play) Given in hand the best moving engine with advance gear technology claims to be hold through master driving skills where brake is major gear. Train driver foreseen the approaching station and paddle the brake on time or else you will shoot out of the station area and from your job! Load your cargo train with freight goods properly and set on a journey tight with reaching schedule. No late arrivals will be welcomed at station which may cause to terminate you from you job on first day! Varied locations will come in forth challenging driver for a timely reach and load off cargo freight, multiple destinations lay in line to reach one by one. Plan your next departure before seeing the time schedule you are allocated. FREIGHT TRAIN: CARGO DRIVER Game Features > Realistic braking 3D effects > Multiple locations to travel across > Great train simulator master controls

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