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Free Wolf City Destroyer Simulator

Free Wolf City Destroyer Simulator

by 3menstudio


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  • Free Wolf City Destroyer Simulator
  • Free Wolf City Destroyer Simulator
  • Free Wolf City Destroyer Simulator

Wolf City Destroyer Simulator
Its about survival and smashing in car. All happening is high quality 3D. 
You can also play missions where you must hunt around for various objects, lights, signs. etc. Chase down City Area.

>>In this game there are two types<<

1) Mission:- In this type you have to complete task which is given to you. destroy water tank, walls, Brick Walls boxes, Umbrellla, jungle etc..

2) FreeMode:- Freemode is free to play you can play anywhere and destroy City.
Each level has its own unique elements.

The ultimate goal is to do as much damage as possible to maximize your score.
Some go ahead and give this funny Simulator Game a try. 
Complete the tasks and destroy the city in this action packed Wolf City Destroyer game.
All New and Exciting Missions! Go And Take Whatever You Want as the Crime Lord!
Play as a real monster player - run, destroy, demolish and make the biggest rampage this world has ever seen.

Three cities are awailable in this game 
1) Bog city 
2) Jungle
3) Small City

To know more about this game just play and download this game.
It is free to play game and download.....

Top Game Features Include:-

--3 Massive Maps to explore

--Urban City maps, Rural City and Farm Settings

--Excellent sound effects

--High Quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.

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