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Following: game for Twitter

Following: game for Twitter

by MateriUp


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  • Following: game for Twitter
  • Following: game for Twitter
  • Following: game for Twitter
  • Following: game for Twitter
  • Following: game for Twitter
Do you really know the users you follow on Twitter? We know you're an expert gossiping tweets, but, would you really get to know those who have written them? Following tests your knowledge about the people you follow on Twitter. Following offers a customized experience for each user in two modes: • DISCOVER: one tweet, three possible users and ten seconds. Would you be able to find the original author of the tweet? Those are the users you follow, who should know it better than you do! • GUESS: If the above was a breeze for you we have an incredible new game mode for the most adventurous users. In the Guess mode you are provided with one tweet and a text box to type the name of the author of the tweet. No time, but you only have one chance: you either get it right or you fail. Other Following features: • Play absolutely FREE, for life. • Hours and hours of fun: Following is constantly updated with your NEW TWEETS and users you follow. • POWER-UPS: helps you find out who wrote the tweet. Not sure who was the author? You'll have it easier with a hint! • LEVEL UP guessing who wrote the tweet. With the ranking, you can go up and compete with other Following players. • Unlock ACHIEVEMENTS as you play Following. Being on streaks count too! • Your progress is stored in the cloud: if you change your device, you will be able to continue playing with your stats and the coins you obtained.

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