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Flying Police Boat Simulator

Flying Police Boat Simulator

by Lisa Jeff


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  • Flying Police Boat Simulator
  • Flying Police Boat Simulator

Here's latest Game of Flying with Cruise Ship and Police flying game that will make your mind blow.Full of massive cruise ship flying police boat fun addition to flying games! This flying yacht simulator game has epic cruise ship , sail boot and special water airplane.You can fly up high in the air with all these boats! A different take on a flying police boat simulator is here for you to conquer the Google Play Store!You don’t have to stick with only one boat.BECOME A PRISON TRANSPORT DRIVER, IT’S A HARD JOB BUT SOMEBODY NEEDS TO DO IT!Bring hard core criminals to their final destination, you joined the police force and they have assigned you with this important job.

In this Flying police boat simulator game you have to pick prisoners from sea to the police station .You can also shoot other ships to destroy them with your flying airplane ship shooting power.You may have played Boat games , Police games and Flying games but this is combination to make this awesome and epic adventure!Normally you are flying airplane and helicopter this time fly up high in the sky this cruise ship simulator, in which you will sail a boat. Flying Police Boat chase game will make you forget about the line between 2 type of games and enjoy the epic mixture of ship games and flying games!

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