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Flying Police Bike Simulator

Flying Police Bike Simulator

by Lisa Jeff


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  • Flying Police Bike Simulator

Get Ready for Flying Police Bike Simulator after flying cars with amazing ultimate bike ride adventure an addition to the flying car games .After Flying Car Simulator 3d now its flying police bike rider in offroad and city environments .Secure the city from escaped prisoners ,arrest them and complete missions in freestyle mountain.Fly around the world travel beautiful landscapes be a real motorbike driver.Get Set To Ride Your Flying Motorbike At Blazing Fast Speed and take a thrilling ride in modern city and off-road environment. Mount your bike, strap up your gear fly as fast as you can. If you like flying car games, this game is for you. Blazing fast speed with realistic bike physics makes this game a must play for every bike game lover.

Flying Police Bike Simulator is totally different from other bike games and flying car racing games. In this game as a policeman you're driving a flying moto bike rather than driving in city and shooting criminals. Lock on target, launch fire, bombard and takedown criminals be the legendary super hero of the world.An awesome mixture between stunt games and flying games.Flying Stunt Bike Simulator 3D does exactly what it promises. You can fly a police bike, perform epic stunt ,the best mixture of 2 worlds!

A Bike simulator, Stunt Simulator of Flying Simulator
This is just what we aimed to imagine with this flying game, a game that completely thinks out of the box and does everything for you enjoyments!Flying Stunt Bike Simulator ! The best thing is that these flying games and stunt games offers you a variety of missions, something that other games simply do not do.Don’t doom yourself, aim to win every mission!

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