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Flying Monster Truck

Flying Monster Truck

by secure3d studios


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Flying Monster Truck
Flying Monster Truck
Flying Monster Truck

Racing your car in air!!! Oh MY GOD!The truck fly in the sky!
Want to Drive Extreme Transformer Truck and Fly Turbo Airplane! This game is for you! You can test your air craft pilot skills and car driving ability at the same time.
Welcome to biggest open world Flying lorry Simulator. In this crazy game you will be flying with a Monster truck.
Do you love pickup games? Maybe drifting in a dirty rally road? flying monster truck is totally different than classic pickup service vehicles games!

In this game you’re driving a flying pickup truck, once you reach flight speed you can fly your pickup truck like an airplane.
Freestyle parking with extreme Turbo service vehicles.Back to your Future. Fly around the world travel beautiful landscapes be the best pilot.
Feel like in the future. Manage flying Extreme monster truck service vehicles. Many movies are our future and the people in it are flying on their machines in the air.
Get ready to enjoy an invigorating flying heavy vehicle simulator with the blend of adventurous flying games in one of the best flying games.