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Flying Construction Truck

Flying Construction Truck

by secure3d studios


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Flying Construction Truck
Flying Construction Truck
Flying Construction Truck

Flying Construction Truck Driver 2016

After the Success of Flying construction truck driver 2016 we proudly presents Construction Truck Stunts 3D !
Ready for something more then regular car games? Blend car racing adventures with parking games skill testing in a fantastic 3d realistic construction driver 2016.
Drive monster construction truck and test your driving skills. Construction Truck 3D will give you the thrill of handling huge trucks.

Are YOU willing to perform Stunts of our flying Construction Truck in the rocking stadium. Its very difficult and tricky to handle that truck. Seriously! you will become a legend, Drive and maneuver through challenging levels which have explosive materials, ramps, extreme heights and muddy ground.

Naturally, you'd have to prove you can drive carefully, completing tasks at hand, since it's expensive and delicate piece of machinery.

Therefore, download this game and enjoy it...
We're aiming to create one great parking game for all truck driver fans in long run, check our app and let us know your thoughts. Have fun & good luck!