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Flipd – Remove Distractions

Flipd – Remove Distractions

by Flipd


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  • Flipd – Remove Distractions
  • Flipd – Remove Distractions
  • Flipd – Remove Distractions
  • Flipd – Remove Distractions
  • Flipd – Remove Distractions
Are you addicted to your smartphone - or do you know someone that is? Are you easily distracted by your phone - or do you find yourself annoyed by those around you that are? Flipd is the easiest and most effective way to keep users locked out of their phone while keeping them connected. With its unique lock screen and timer, it helps users stay focused by removing distractions caused by their phone. What’s more: try Flipd with others and see how you can remotely lock your friends out of their phones. You won’t find another app like Flipd. We have saved our users more than 5,000 hours! Features: - Manage phone addiction by locking out distractions - Productivity timer ensures uninterrupted focus until the time runs out - 60-seconds of freedom in each lock screen, just in case - Effective lock screen keeps users focused and present - Auto response SMS texts lets others know you’re busy - Emergency calling is permitted - Track your accumulated time spent Flipd Off to motivate productivity - Flip Off other users from their phone by creating Groups NOTE: We designed Flipd to be an effective solution to phone addiction, and giving up shouldn’t be easy. Some users that wanted to uninstall Flipd noticed it was a challenge to uninstall and have thus left 1 star reviews. Please note that we did this on purpose, and it’s for your benefit. Instructions on how to uninstall can easily be found in our FAQ section here: http://flipdapp.co/home/faq

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