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Flashlight on clap

Flashlight on clap

by Bhuvana Deepa


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Flashlight on clap
Flashlight on clap
Flashlight on clap
Flashlight on clap

Flashlight on Clap is an amazing and useful Flashlight application which can be Turned ON or OFF with just a Clap. Flash Light on Clap is a free android app and its very easy to use with User friendly options.
Usually we have seen many Flashlight apps those are available but when we really need them like in the dark or in the Night or when sudden power failures they may not come handy. Whereas our Flaslight on Clap app will much handy and you can Turn ON or OFF Flashlight by just clapping.
Just forget about searching for a torch and with just a clap from nearby and see your flashlight glowing.

How to Use:

Select Service ON to make flashlight service work. 
Now you can just clap to Turn ON or OFF your mobile’s Flash Light from distance and it will glow and off. 
Whenever you don’t want to service to be run in backend then simply you can Turn OFF the Service