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flappy dragon

flappy dragon

by youcef selougha


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flappy dragon
flappy dragon
flappy dragon

Flappy dragon 
The background story is simple. This cute but clumsy little Flappy Dragon is lost and is looking to reach its mama. So, you need to help it cross the hurdles, and different obstacles and in this case, without a missed step. Remember the dragons you loved to watch the Dragon movies and itched to ride, and you are all set to take charge of this one. Based on the dynamics of real-life physics akin to your favorite Bird game, Flappy Dragon is here to test whether your basic gaming skills are in place or not. And if you like Bird game, you will be bowled over by Flappy Dragon. One look at the high definition environment and the glow worms in the background, you will know precisely what we mean.

Come and enjoy the game we so lovingly created. It is our ode to the many many fairytales we heard growing up. Somehow felt that the dragon never got its due. This game is how we would like to make amends. Do your good deed for the day and help Flappy Dragon fly its way home.

Just like that other popular Flappy game, except the dragon has some big challenges and obstacles to get throw
how to play
The Adventure Begins!, Tap the Screen to make the little Dragon fly across the world full of challenges!
Move wings and fly away in the world Floppy. Help him to flutter and get as far as possible. Tap the screen to flap your wings of the dragon and avoid obstacles.

Also, depending on the score the player gets, he will be able to open different world 
Start playing now and gain the best scores in the global ranking.

- One Touch Control.
- Lots of fun.
- Nice graphics.