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Fishy Jump

Fishy Jump

by Crunchy Melon


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  • Fishy Jump
  • Fishy Jump
  • Fishy Jump
Your fish are starving! Feed them in this fast, beautiful, exciting new app. Jump your fish out of the water to feast on the floating food and watch them burst into fun, bright, colorful animations. Different costumes have their own cute animations. But it’s not so easy, you must dodge the bombs and missiles or else you’ll be having fish sticks for dinner. Spam the touch screen and launch up to 10 fish simultaneously! Best of all, it costs nothing to play! There are no sneaky micro-transactions. You have access to every aspect of the game without spending a penny. How to Play: Objective: You fish are hungry, you must feed them 1) Tap to make fish jump 2) Or drag to see fish trajectory, and then release to make fish jump 3) Avoid bombs and missiles 4) Don’t let the hunger meter reach empty 5) Tap fast and with multiple fingers 6) Put together combos for higher scores 7) Collect coins to purchase all of the costumes 8) Beat the daily high score Features: - Simple game play - Multi-touch sensitive, you can launch up to 10 fish simultaneously - Global rankings - 20+ costumes to collect and more coming - Cute fun graphics - Personalize your own school of fish that launch - Free gift every 6 hours - This game is costs nothing to play - There are no advertisements during game play

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