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Fishy Dash

Fishy Dash

by bitsaga studios


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  • Fishy Dash
  • Fishy Dash
  • Fishy Dash
  • Fishy Dash
Perhaps one of the hardest game on the play store, objective is simple, make fishy jump to avoid the obstacles.A seemingly very simple game takes you back to the past with its retro and 8-bit style designed to satisfy that ARCADE RUSH in you. Fishy Dash encompasses the oldschool arcade style casual game.Fishy Dash requires skills like no other, the aim of the game is so simple yet you wonder why is it so hard to get a point? WARNING: Users may experience extreme cases of agitation, anger, irritation and the urge to break your phone. We are not responsible for any damages caused, please play responsibly. [HOW TO PLAY] - Tap the screen to make Fishy jump - Make Fishy touch the dotted white lines for a massive jump - Avoid the obstacles - Avoid crashing into the ground - Set a record breaking score - Taunt friends and family Do you miss the old retro style games, go back in time with this freearcade game, quite honestly one of the best arcade games out there. This awesome games is for kids of all ages, so click the install button and play Fishy Dash for FREE! Don't let this app slip by, there's not many fun free arcade games out there that really captures the spirit of the 90s. This RETRO inspired game honestly is a must have for kids of all ages and adults too! What more can I say, retro, classic, fun, awesome, free, best arcade games out there! DOWNLOAD TODAY!!! Forget flappy bird, tiny wings and whatnot, get yourself ready for one of the hardest and most frustrating game on the market! This game requires a lot of skill and has no tolerance for error! Try try and try again at beating your high score. Most importantly have fun and don't forget to taunt your friends and family into playing this game!

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