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Find Phone Country

Find Phone Country

by Theo Chamalis


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Find Phone Country
Find Phone Country
Find Phone Country
Find Phone Country
Find Phone Country
Find Phone Country
Find Phone Country

Do you get calls from unknown international or national landline numbers?
Do you want to know their country, area or even their mobile carrier?
Are you on the move when wifi or data connection is not available?
Want a free of cost, ad-free and easy to use app?
Then this is the app for you!

How to use

1. Just enter the phone number you want in the main screen with the appropriate prefix of the country!
2. The prefix is usually in the form of +xx or 00xx where the x is the digits of the country code.
For example, Greece has the prefix +30 or 0030.
3. You can also load a phone number from the recent calls so you don't have to manually copy it down.

Brief Description

Find Phone Country is a simple yet innovative application for revealing useful information about a phone number. Now you can identify what type of phone number the call is made from, for example mobile or fixed line (aka landline). Additionaly you can learn its origin country and area (city, town, village, etc) if it is a fixed line number and the origin country and even its mobile carrier for a mobile number.

All this is calculated in a matter of milliseconds despite the big amount of data and most importantly an Internet connection is not required. All this is achieved with the use of a number of state of the art offline databases provided by Google that provide a compact yet efficient way to identify phone number information. As a result this app is very small in size (less than 5 MB) and uses only 1 permission to read the contacts of your phone so the load phone from recent calls function works.

Note 1The prefix is needed for the phone to be identified

Note 2Some mobile phones' carrier info may be categorized wrong because of the user's recent carrier change


Main features

•  Find the phone type (e.g. fixed line, mobile) and the country of the caller 
•  Find the local area (city, town village, etc) for fixed line numbers
•  Find the mobile carrier (for example Vodafone, Cosmote, Wind for Greece) for mobile numbers
•  Load unknown contact numbers from your recent calls 
•  Clean, smooth operation and easy to use UI
•  Small size, easy on CPU and memory 
•  No hidden permissions, just read contacts for using the load function
•  No wifi or any data connection needed to operate (offline use)
•  Use of Google's offline databases 
•  And best of all no hidden costs or advertisements but any donation will be much appreciated ;)

For any questions, suggestions about bugs, feature requests and improvements or for any donations feel free to contact me by email.