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Fat Ninja

Fat Ninja

by Star Communication JSC


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Fat Ninja was on his way to catch the thief, who had stolen all the gold from Peace village on a spring day. The mission was really dangerous since Fat Ninja had no way other than jumping through the high pillars which raised from the sea, only a tiny mistake could make him fall down into the water and become the food for fishes. Fat Ninja could not jump high because of his weight he needed to use a springs to jump higher and further. The longer you hold the springs, the more tightened the springs is and the higher Fat Ninja can jump when the springs is released. If he could jump through more than one pillar at a time, Fat Ninja would earn the bonus score, try your best to overcome all of 2048 pillars and be one of the top players among your friends by earning as much bonus as possible. Fat Ninja had another mission aside from chasing the thief, he needed to collect all the coins that the thief dropped on the way. The amount of money can be spent in shop of various character skins as well as other cool features, which available only for Master Ninjas. HIGHLIGHTED FEATURE - Simple yet addictive gameplay - Compare scores with other facebook friends - Fun and cool graphic designs - 2048 pillars with different sizes, heights and distances. - Various characters to choose from Have fun and good luck with the game!

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