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Fat Hero Adventures

Fat Hero Adventures

by Histeria GameDev


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Fat Hero Adventures
Fat Hero Adventures
Fat Hero Adventures
Fat Hero Adventures

One day, somewhere... a brave hero is fighting against a crazy doctor who is obsessed with destroying the world. But the evil doctor can escape and changes our metabolism. It is our curse!

Help our hero to save the world and convert him back his original metabolism!

Now... The fat of the world depends on us!!

Discover the funny game features:

- 4 worlds, 24 levels: Travel along 4 different worlds and 24 levels full of danger and funny challenges. From the far mountains to an alien planet, you have to defeat the evil Doctor and save the world!

- Enemies and mutations: You have to avoid multiple enemies... but also convert yourself into them to get out alive of each level!

- Records and achievements: Be the fastest hero, save the best records and a lot of interesting achievements!

- Music: Enjoy the retro FX and music!