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Falling Balls: Gravity Roll

Falling Balls: Gravity Roll

by PixiGame


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  • Falling Balls: Gravity Roll
  • Falling Balls: Gravity Roll
  • Falling Balls: Gravity Roll
With our latest release, Falling Balls, getting bored would soon be a thing of the past! Whether you're looking for a casual gaming experience to kill some time or are in the mood for something to put your abilities to test, this game is perfectly suited for both. With a simple tap-to-act gameplay, the game is designed to be simple to play, but extremely difficult to master! The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible. Depending on the selected difficulty level, the players have to simultaneously control up to 4 balls from colliding with the oncoming barrage of obstacles. The balls are relentlessly falling along the walls, and it's the players task to keep 'em rolling by helping them not get hit by the obstacles! Tap on the screen to make the balls change their position from one wall to another and keep them falling further down the walls. Avoid the oncoming obstacles, and keep a constant eye on all of them. Keep looking, keep tapping, and keep tapping out some more! Keep it simple, stupid - that's what the game is all about. From the simple yet elegant design of the balls to the soothing background tune, from the neatly designed UI to the easy to understand gameplay - the game is designed to be easy on both the player's eyes and ears, and give them a heightened sense of excitement. From newcomers to seasoned veterans, it's designed to challenge everyone's ability to the absolute limit. The key is the player's ability to maintain their focus for as long as they can. Sounds easy enough, but are you really up for the challenge? Do you truly believe you have what it takes to master one of the hardest games available? Then why not find it out right now! Download and play this amazing game now, and challenge yourself and your friends. But remember, the world still needs you, so don't go falling off the face of the earth after you've been addicted with this rolling and tapping madness! Don't say we didn't warn you! ---------------------- FEATURES: ★ Easy to learn gameplay. ★ Simple and elegant design; simplicity is the new sexy! ★ Soothing and relaxing tune, just don't fall asleep. ★ Comes with Google Play services - improve your profile while playing. ★ Packed with a list of achievements; how many of them can you complete? ★ Online leaderboard. Compete against people in your social circle, as well as everyone around the world. Bring on the heat! ---------------------- If you are facing any problem with the game or have any suggestions for us, contact us at support@pixigame.com Visit us: www.pixigame.com Follow us: twitter.com/pixigame

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