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English Grammar -Phrasal Verb

English Grammar -Phrasal Verb

by engsoft.tc


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  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
  • English Grammar -Phrasal Verb
“English Grammar – Phrasal Verb” helps you learn phrasal verbs in a fun way! Get this app now to improve your TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, SAT, GMAT, GRE and HKDSE results! How does “English Grammar – Phrasal Verb” help you? ★ COMPREHENSIVE lessons with translations: 180+ sample sentences and phrasal verbs with Chinese translations! ★ INTERESTING Quiz game: 360+ multiple-choice questions in our question bank! The more questions you can answer correctly, the more difficult questions will be intelligently generated. You can use 50:50 (fifty-fifty) to eliminate half of the incorrect choices. This LITE version has 2 game modes: Answering 20, 50 questions. FULL version has 2 more game modes: Answering 100 questions AND Sudden Death Mode. (Game continues until you answer one question incorrectly or you answer all the questions.) ★ CONVENIENT design for revision: During the quiz game, you can choose to display the details of the phrasal verb related to question you just answered. Moreover, you can create your own phrasal verb list so that you can do revision on what you have learned much more easily! ★ DETAILED test result: It shows which questions you answered incorrectly, score, max. combo (Max. number of questions answered correctly consecutively), date and time of the test. Better still, it shows your frequent mistake questions too! It is useful for your revision and interesting to challenge with your friends! ★ MOTIVATING trophy system: The various accomplishments you have achieved during your learning will be recorded. With trophy system, you can share your impressive achievements with friends! ★ QUICK search: 180+ phrasal verbs usage with Chinese translation can be searched easily! Some more features: ✔ Written by experienced English teachers ✔ No Internet connection required ✔ No annoying advertisements Want to improve English every day? Find us on EVERYDAY ENGLISH (Update EVERY DAY! With translation!): Blog: http://engsofttc.blogspot.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/engsofttc/188400257918339 Twitter: http://twitter.com/engsofttc Weibo : http://weibo.com/2558322097 Email: engsoft.tc@gmail.com

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