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Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter

Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter

by You Game


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  • Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter
  • Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter
  • Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter
  • Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter
  • Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter
The Emotion Bubble Witch Shooter game for your phone is here * Long time ago, the age which people and witch live in peace. One day, some witch fly on the sky and suddenly they stuck in the bubble and can not escape. Wind always move and it blow these witch go far, far away, fortunately Sobia and her friends saw them when they go out for a walk. Quickly, some of them go to find support and they meet Angella, she is the witch with alot of magic. They tell to Angella about the story, after that she go to find Sobia so that she can rescue these witch whose stuck in the bubble. The saga of the witch named Angella rescue her friend from bubble start from here. * How to play: All you need to do is save the witch by shoot the bubble. Each time you shoot, the bubble remain will left, you will loose when all of them ran out! When the bubble hit the witch, it will blast near by with same type of witch, after blast, you will recuse the witch, if they match at least two same type of witch. New witch will occur by scroll down after you blast some of them by shooter. Each level has it own challenging, try to blast more witch to complete level. • Over 120 levels! More level will come soon ! • Free & easy to play, challenging to master! • Available to play on mobile and tablet devices.

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