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Egg Rush

Egg Rush

by Adijuego


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Egg Rush
Egg Rush
Egg Rush
Egg Rush

EggRush is a fun game in which you spend the time squashing eggs. It is very intuitive and suitable for all audiences. It's simply addictive!

Get ready because you have to cook fried eggs and pancakes with more skill and speed than ever before.

1.2, 3, marching those fried eggs! Orders and chocopancakes fried eggs arrive without rested; although occasionally they fall some potatoes, bacon or sausage But do not let the eggs escape!

Use your favorite eggcrusher to successfully complete your mission. Watch out chocolate eggs! Chocolate is the star ingredient of chocopankes.

Go for all and do not forget to cook all eggs.

Game instructions:
✔ Crush the eggs.
✔ Do not crush chocolate eggs, except at chocopancakes.
✔ Choose your eggcrusher to help crush the eggs.

Game features:
✔ 3 difficulty levels.
✔ 5 different types of eggs.
✔ 13 different achievements to complete.
✔ Exciting audiovisual effects.
✔ 4 scoreboards markers; Points, fried eggs, Level Bonus and Chocopancakes.
✔ 5 rompehuevos. 'Choose your favorite !!
✔ you can share your scores on your social networks. Do you think you're the best?