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Empower Your Employees with Your Own Mobile Apps Effortix allows companies to empower their employees with their own business mobile apps. They can showcase and sell products, access important information and news, collect data and orders and work more efficiently with their own smartphones and tablets. Trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are becoming the new industry standard for incorporating mobile applications into businesses without investing in company owned smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, development of mobile applications is expensive and thus prevents many companies from enjoying benefits mobile applications can bring to them. Effortix presents an affordable and reliable solution to this problem. Effortix is the only fully-featured app builder for business mobile applications which allows users to create and manage large mobile applications with multiple languages, currencies and taxes. Mobile apps created with Effortix work offline, without any 3rd party solutions, are secure, support phones and tablets, allow to control user access and much more... With Effortix, it's easy to create a mobile application in a few minutes, without a single line of code written and right inside your browser. It's effortless to further grow the application, keep it up-to-date and test it on a real device before publishing the changes. Since Effortix is a „Software as a Service“ solution with a free plan and affordable prices, companies can completely avoid any upfront investment in untested concepts, maintenance fees, never-ending development of new versions, support of new platforms, etc. Effortix can be used for: - mobile product catalogs - mobile sales apps (mobile shops) - mobile product manuals - mobile wiki or knowledge base with rich documents - booking & ordering apps - educational apps for employees - apps for sharing important news - and much more...

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