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Easy File Transfer

Easy File Transfer

by AppsBazaar Gurgaon


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A new era of file sharing with AppsBazaar!
Need to transfer files between two smartphones? Try easy file transfer and experience the coolest all-in-one file transfer and sharing app!
Easy File Transfer has been designed to remove the barrier of slow speed of traditional file sharing methods like Bluetooth. This modern file sharing method will enable you to send images, song, audio, videos & apps with greater speed, accuracy and security. With the help of Easy file transfer app data sharing will turn toward effortless & fast.

Basically, this app is designed to eliminate the hassle of Apps transfer & slow Bluetooth sharing. With this excellent file sharing application, you can share high-resolution videos, heavy text files, audio, images, apps & complete folder as well between two devices. As per the last accessed date, it will categorize your images & files in lots of groups.

Features of Easy File Transfer App:
1.    No need of tangled USB, cable & a cellular connection to transfer big files.
2.    Transfer files having any format & size.
3.    Much faster than traditional file transfer methods.
4.    Group sharing is also available, so you can share data between multiple devices at the same time. 
5.    Categorize to display Installed applications, video, audio, documents and music separately.
6.    It displays files with the thumbnail.
7.    No need to reestablish connection for each file transfer.
8.    No data sharing limits, Transfer as much as you want.
9.    Group sharing is supported up to 5 devices at same time.

By using this fast file transfer app, you can easily send any size file on any Android phone that does not have Bluetooth but Wi-Fi. One more important thing, this application should be installed on both sender & receiver device.

Data transfer speed of this app also depends on the devices used by both sender and receiver.

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